Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today I logged into My Fitness Pal for the 70th day in a row. In 70 days I've accomplished much more than I ever truly believed I could do when I first started out.

  • I've lost 27.3 pounds. That's .39 pounds a day...pretty decent!

  • I've gone from a 4X shirt to a comfortable 2X in most cases.

  • I've gone from a size 26 jean that was really tight to a size 24 that's starting to get loose.

  • I've gone from a size 9 in my shoes to 8.5.

  • My wedding and engagement rings almost fall off now if my hand gets wet.

  • My glasses are even a little big.

  • For the first time since I can remember, I bought clothes from the 'regular' size side of the store last weekend.

  • I've gone from not being able to walk far at all to pretty close to 2 miles a day. I am almost at the end of that road!!!

You might be wondering what my confession is. When I agreed to do this with my friends at work. I didn't really mean to do it all.

We've all talked at one time or another in the past few years about 'losing weight'. We'd do it for a few weeks and then we'd fall back into our old habits. In December when my friend told me that we needed to do this together. I said 'sure', like I always do, but I really didn't plan to do it. Even the first day of January I really didn't take it seriously.

I can't tell you what made me take it seriously. I still don't know. All I know is one day I was saying sure, ready to completely half-ass this and the next day I had a scale out measuring my food.

Divine intervention is my best guess. God knew what I needed and He flipped the switch in my head to make me realize it.

It's become a habit for me now and for the most part, my cravings are gone. I do still feel hungry every once in a while and sometimes I really do want that fast food, but I've come up with a bit of a system. Usually every Friday and Saturday night we eat out. Friday morning and Friday afternoon I also eat out, but I keep it under control. A kids Coke on Friday Morning is usually all the Coke I have for the week as well.

I think I'm happier and I think I have a lot more confidence in myself. I know I'm not skinny by any means, but I just feel better about myself. I'm learning to love myself a bit more & I can't wait until week 12 when I can take new progress pictures and compare them to week 1. I think that will tell a lot.

Another confession. I dread the week I get on that scale and it either goes up or stays the same. I know this level of weight loss will not go on forever. I'm not sure how I will react to it – and that's what scares me.

As of this week, the group that I'm losing weight with at work has hit 93.3 pounds! We've lost a skinny teenager!

I'm so ready to punch through my next goal of 30 pounds!

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  1. Heather,I am so PRouD of u & tears stream down my face reading this, tears of happiness for all you have overcome & all the strenth you have on this journey! Of course I am that person that half azz does it all but I keep trying & pray one day I can use the motivation from you! Keep up the AMAZinG WoRK LiL CuZ! I love u!