Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quality of Life

This week I’ve been really involved in My Fitness Pal. One of the people over there that I’m following mentioned her husband was wishy washy about her weight loss initiative. Half the time he was really behind her, half the time he wasn’t.

His reasoning? You only have one life to live.

Say what? It’s true, we do only have one life to live. But who chooses to live it like this?

Who wants to be worried if you can run fast enough or far enough to outrun the zombies in the apocalypse? Who wants to be worried if you’ll be able to be old enough to have grandchildren? Who wants to be worried if you’ll ever be able to have someone lift you off your feet and spend you around?

We are given one life – that’s true. But what about our quality of life? Those of us stuck in this rut and in these bodies have no quality. We may be happy sure, but how much happier could we be? We’ll never know until we take the chance to be everything that we can. For me, that means being a person who is in shape and can enjoy doing WHATEVER I want to do with my life.

I’m sick of being the person who is huffing and puffing as I bring up the rear when we’re going on walks. I don’t have to be the lead person, but I want to at least be able to ‘go with the flow’. I want to go back to Gatlinburg to Wonder Works and be able to do the cool stuff without hitting that weight limit. I want to go back to Disney World and not dread that walk from the bus to the park. Then dread the entire walk around the park. The whole time I was there on my honeymoon, no less, all I could think about was ‘how much further am I going to have to walk today’. I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Granted, I had pulled a muscle in my leg, but I have no doubt that it would have still been like that. I want to get up at 7AM, go to a park when it opens, have them open those gates and know that I can walk until 7PM that night and still be ready to go. I want that, badly.

I’m going to get it this time. Because that’s what I’m after – a great quality of life!


To the person who said to try roasted vegetables....I did & they are amazing! Thank you!!


  1. My motivation is to be all outdoorsy again. I love the woods & the water. I would enjoy nothing more than to paddle around a lake, fish, birdwatch, & hike around the woods. I want to rock climb & scuba dive. I want to be able to climb up on a horse again & have a lazy trail ride. I want to take a week & hike the AT with a pack on my back. This is my motivation. I had forgotten how wonderful it makes me feel to walk around with no cars or power lines. I can't do all this now (I can only do short hikes but better than nothing!) So I know my quality of life suffers. Sure, I get the freedom to eat & drink what I want, when I want, but at the price of being able to do the activites that make me feel alive and at peace. No more. No more.

  2. We both can do it lady! We will reclaim that part of our lives we want!