Sunday, May 20, 2012

40 Pounds...what????

I'm in some uncharted territory here people! I have lost 40.7 pounds since January 1st! I've actually had many little goals here lately & I think I need to celebrate them!

  • I'm almost walking 1.2 miles in under 21 minutes. Keep in mind, that is not flat, this is with 2 hills both ways.
  • I bought a 'regular sized' shirt from Old Navy. It wasn't in the plus size section or anything!
  • I've become more open with people the last 5 months.
  • I didn't let a weight gain and a neutral week the last couple of weeks knock me for a loop.
  • I've lost 8 points on my BMI.
  • I've lost 14% of my body weight.
  • I am 84 pounds away from my goal, I remember when that was over 100!!
  • I have a TAN!! I haven't ever had a tan because I sat inside all day and was too afraid I would burn because I'm so white. But from walking everyday, I've gotten a freakin' tan!!

This lifestyle change has gotten easier and I'm hardly hungry anymore, but it's still something I have to be completely cognizant of. Just like last night, I was hanging around with some friends, we were up until after midnight and I went on a midnight snack run. I don't do that EVERYDAY, but still, that's old habits!

I'm hoping to do another 5K in Nashville in October called The Color Run. I think I have a group of people that want to do it with me, so it should be fun!

Not a whole lot to report other than that. I'm feeling good, I'm trying to get halfway – 19.3 more pounds – and then I can focus on the rest of the journey. Hoping to hit 50 by the end of next month because I've promised myself a new hairdo and my hair is getting LONG! It's hot in this Kentucky humidity.

Will take another when I get to 50!!!
I can't tell you how proud I am to say right now that 
I made a resolution on January 1st and almost 6 months later I am sticking to it!


  1. The tan thing - I've got one this year too! Its been YEARS since I felt comfortable enough to 'sunbathe' - but no more ghostly white pale for me!

    But YAY for progress. Keep it up - you're doing awesome!

  2. Heather, keep up the good work! You can do it!!

  3. Keep up the good work Honey, You have done
    wonderful and looking good. I know you have to feel better, I know I did when I lost my weight. You have such a big heart and I love you.