Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reached A Goal!!

At the end of my first four weeks of my lifestyle change, I have lost 10.3 pounds. I hit the goal of 10 pounds that I wanted to reach in the first month of weight loss. It feels great!!!!!

To put that into perspective....

  • 2 Chihuahua's

  • A sack of potatoes

  • an Easter ham

  • Half of my cat Beau Beau (he's pleasantly plump)

On top of what I've lost, I've learned a lot as well!

I've learned that it is much easier to do this when you tell everyone that you are planning to lose weight! You may get a lot of other people involved with you! Seven of the nine people that I work with have also decided to try and lose weight. Together all of us want to lose a combined total of 465 pounds. Yesterday was the first day that we started weighing in. With four of us weighing in we lost a total of 10 pounds!

I've learned that the hunger pains hit worse when I'm bored. Proving that I'm probably not really hungry, just bored! When that happens, I try to get up and do something. I think Michael is sick of seeing me clean house! I've found though that if I keep busy, it's easier for me to reach my goals.

I've learned I like home cooked food more than I thought I would. Of course it's a pain to clean up and such, but now when I eat out, it doesn't taste as good as it used to. I don't crave it like I did the first few weeks of this journey.

I've learned that there are so many people who feel the same way as I do. Whether it be messages on facebook, emails, texts, or telling me in person – I've never felt like such a part of a group. Here, I thought I was lonely and I thought I was the only one that ever had these feelings of inadequacy. It's nice to know I'm not!!!!

- - - - - -

My caffeine experiment this week has gone better than I thought. I've had some and been a bit grouchy, but for the most part I've stayed away from Coke. I'm starting small because I have NEVER liked coffee at all. This week I've been drinking the small Starbucks bottles of Vanilla Frappe. At 200 calories it's still less calories than what I was drinking with my morning Coke. This weekend, I found some of the 'light' version that's only 100 calories. If I could get used to the taste of coffee in the orginal Frappe, then I can get used to the less calorie one. Like everything I've done so far, this coffee thing will be a process. If I can really taste the coffee in a Vanilla Frappe, then this may be a very long process!!


  1. You might try making your own coffee the strenth that you might like it and adding a fat free, flavored creamer to it. That way you won't have the bold taste of the coffee. You can get the caramel, vanilla, white chocolate flavors and there won't be added fat.

  2. Way to go on reaching a goal! That's awesome, Heather! ~Chastity

  3. Anonymous, A friend of mine suggested I try Kona coffee becasue it seems that I like the milder kinds. I think I'm going to look for that & look into using creamers like that with it! Thanks for the advice!

  4. Starbucks has Mint Mocha cold drinks and they taste way better than the vanilla ones.